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Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy at Avenue Practice in Central & North London with Simone Lee, UKCP MBACP ECP, a registered, experienced existential and integrative psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and groupworker, who offers individual psychotherapy & counselling, couple counselling, marriage counselling, supervision and other consultancy services. Simone Lee is informed by humanistic & existential thinking, as has training in CBT & psychodynamic approaches. Her work is underpinned by existential phenomenological philosophy. We work with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship, sexuality and sexual problems, health problems and bereavement. simone lee ukcp ecp Mbacp
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         Some places can be offered at a lower fee for students and those on low income.

 faq (frequently asked questions)

what is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy?
This is an age old question and there are different answers depending whom you speak to.  At avenue practice, we tend not to make a distinction & use the terms interchangeably and often opt for the term "therapy" as a catch-all.  For a fuller answer:

how many meetings will we have?
There are no hard and fast rules. Sometimes practical constraints inform this decision. Some people seek short term work, others prefer longer term; some like to keep it open and decide after an initial few meetings; sometimes a single meeting can clarify an issue one is seeking to gain a perspective on. This important question is discussed at the initial, introductory meeting when we consider your circumstances and expectations of therapy and is often part of an ongoing dialogue in our work together.

how do you set your discounted/concessionary rates?
Consistent with the inclusive ethos at avenue practice, I do offer some discounted fees. I do not have a fixed rate of lower fees because any agreed discounts are based on many criteria, important ones being what you can actually afford to pay and why you seek therapy  with me at this time.  Obviously, it is you who really knows what you can afford and are willing to pay for our meetings. Setting a fee is part of a wider discussion about our possibilities of working together and what it is you seek from our meetings. I prefer this discussion to take place face to face in an initial session, although,  I am, of course, willing to talk briefly with  you about this, before we fix our first meeting.

If  it turns out that we cannot work together, I am always happy to make referrals to individuals or organisations that may suit your needs better.

There have been times when  financial circumstances have changed for the people I am already working with, making it difficult for them to pay the fees. We then review our work and our working agreement and see how we can best accommodate these changes in an ethical and appropriate way that works for us both.

what are your standard terms and conditions?
I outline these in a template on the following link, but these are always discussed at the initial meeting when we customise them as necessary. 
Take this link: what is your standard practice?

how often do meetings take place?
This can vary. Individual therapy often takes place once a week at the same time on the same day. It can however be more frequent, depending on circumstances. It is important to develop a cadence in the work, so less than once a week for individual therapy tends to be too infrequent. Couple work is sometimes weekly, sometimes fortnightly depending on how we agree to work.

Supervision and other work is often determined according to need.

We discuss frequency of meeting at our initial meeting so we can take all things into consideration.

can you give me advice?
While there are certain branches of counselling where the purpose is to give advice eg genetic counselling, as a rule, the enterprise of psychotherapy and counselling is enable you to find the answers that work for you.  So I would not, for example, tell you to get a job, leave your partner or recommend a decision for you, but I would fully engage with you and encourage you to think about what your questions really mean and invite you to look at the total situation surrounding your predicament.  

Of course, I would not be obstructive. For example, if I knew you were setting off to the station, as a point of courtesy and decency, I would certainly let you know if I happened to know that the trains weren't running. 

will you sit in silence during the sessions?
My style is generally interactive and dialogical, but it will vary depending on how we are together. There is certainly a time and place for silence in sessions for silence can be rich and revealing, but I do not maintain silence as part of a "therapeutic technique".  I always encourage discussion about any discomfort you experience in our work together including being with long pauses.

do you have wheelchair access or good access for those with limited mobility?
Unfortunately, at neither place I work is there wheelchair access. At my home practice I see people on the first floor. By special arrangement I could meet you on the ground floor, but there are 3 steep external steps to climb to access the property.

Some colleagues on my referral network do have better access.

do you offer services in languages other than English?
Simone Lee works exclusively in English. Colleagues on the referral network do advertise therapy and other services in languages other than English. Please do enquire. Some of the languages that are offered are French, Modern Hebrew, Polish, Croatian, Portuguese, Romanian, Magyar (Hungarian), Italian,  Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Arabic, Greek, German, Spanish.




Confidential enquiries, more  information or to book an initial meeting,  please contact: 020 8445 6000

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