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Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy at Avenue Practice in Central & North London with Simone Lee, UKCP MBACP ECP, a registered, experienced existential and integrative psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and groupworker, who offers individual psychotherapy & counselling, couple counselling, marriage counselling, supervision and other consultancy services. Simone Lee is informed by humanistic & existential thinking, as has training in CBT & psychodynamic approaches. Her work is underpinned by existential phenomenological philosophy. We work with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship, sexuality and sexual problems, health problems and bereavement. simone lee ukcp ecp Mbacp
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clinical and training supervision & other psychotherapy services

individual & group, cross theory, integrative & existential clinical and training supervision

what supervision services do you offer?

I offer group and individual clinical and training supervision to counsellors, therapists and supervisors at all levels of experience working in many different contexts.  I work with individuals and privately organised groups or pairs, organisations, training institutions, placements, therapy services.  I can provide group supervision at one of my practices or at a site of your choosing.

The frequency, duration and format of the sessions is something we decide together when we meet.
 On-line and telephone supervision is available by special arrangement.

I adopt an open flexible attitude to different personal styles of working.   The culture and context of your work are integral factors in the supervision; depending what our work is we might need to consider all or some of these: time limits, space constraints, client group, goals of therapy, funding, service monitoring, assessment methodologies, management directives and so on. 

While following your preferred theory base and taking into account contextual and ethical issues, m
y mode of enquiry starts with  phenomenological questions. (see existential philosophy for more about phenomenology).  

My style of working is professional, supportive, encouraging and thorough.


I'd like to know more about clinical and training supervision with avenue practice face to face, online or on skype

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how do I go forward with clinical/training supervision?
To check availability or simply to find out more, please contact Simone Lee on
 020 8445 6000  or email 

group therapy and group work

what group services do you offer?
The group services currently offered by avenue practice are aimed at GP practices, organisations, corporations and services. We offer a range of services tailored to your group needs from running groups for a range of purposes, to offering consultancy and being  direct involved with setting up groups.   We also offer a variety of team building activity programmes.

In keeping with the philosophy and ethos at avenue practice, groups are considered to be very important therapeutic and experiential medium.  We are, after all,  born into a world of people, a shared world. We impact on others and they influence us too.  Everyone has experience of groups in their lives. Once we begin to enumerate situations in which we have been part of a group, we often begin to lose count: family, with our friends, in school classes, sports, work situations, organisations, social groups, clubs, political parties, neighbourhood, religious communities  and the list goes on. To a greater or lesser extent, we experience ourselves differently when we find ourselves among different groups of people. Facilitated groups are an ideal format to learn how we are perceived and to test our perceptions and assumptions about ourselves and others.

I'd like to know more about groups and the work avenue practice offers

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for a free initial telephone consultation
To find out whether we can accommodate your needs, please contact Simone Lee on
  020 8445 6000   or email 

crisis work & critical incident debriefing

about crisis work and critical incident debriefing

Crises take many forms, but what is significant in how they affect us as individuals is that they most usually force us to see our worlds and values very differently, leaving us bereft of what we thought we were certain about ourselves and our world - it can be a crisis of meaning. When we are caught unexpectedly in such a situation that shocks us and shakes our world, we can feel overwhelmed and unable to cope on our own.    Often we feel we cannot function on a day to day level. This response may be short term, or may endure for a longer time. Crisis work offers a space and support for someone in the depths of a crisis. Often there are no solutions to tough situations, but people in crisis can find a deep solace in being with someone who can bear to be with them and is able to tolerate their pain and sense of disorientation. There can be something inexpressibly profound in sharing one's humanity with another at such times.  This kind of work might lead to longer term work or might simply serve as a short series of meetings.


Critical incident debriefing is a term which encompasses different methodologies which are used to work with people who have suffered trauma. Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) is one such approach which is very directive and encourages a person who has suffered a trauma, either recent or past, to focus on the traumatic incident and describe it in detail repeatedly. There are various stages to this approach and some find it to be very beneficial. There is some elasticity around the length and number of sessions using TIR, depending on how well the client responds to the work. Simone Lee is trained in TIR. Other colleagues in her network use EMDR and other methodologies too.


for more information about this kind of work
please contact Simone Lee on
  020 8445 6000   or email 

training & consultancy

about consultancy and training services
There is much expertise offered at avenue practice. Our consultancy is tailored to your needs.  Here are some areas that require consultancy services for organisations providing therapeutic support often require.

  • Setting up new counselling services

  • Appraising  existing counselling services.

  • Developing new strands to existing services

  • Supervisor/counsellor recruitment and induction

  • Assessment training

  • Delivery of quality, ethical protocols and procedures in-line the ethical guidelines

  • Implementation and training in CORE routine outcome measures and/or customised evaluation tools

  • Provision of supervision services

  • Provision of groupwork services

  • Training in variety of topics directly related to clinical practice in an agency setting

  • Expert third party consultation over complaints, disputes and clinically related disciplinary hearings  

Simone Lee has an established record of developing counselling services in the voluntary sector, management of services in primary care, secondary care and other settings.  Whether you wish to set up a counselling service from scratch with quality procedures from recruitment and training of  counsellors, to setting up fast-track, traceable intake and referral methods and the provision of accessible and appropriate services or whether you want to re-evaluate and upgrade the functioning of existing services, avenue practice can offer sensitive and ethical solutions.


for more information about this kind of work
please contact Simone Lee on
  020 8445 6000   or email 

training in existential phenomenological theory & practice

what does this training offer?
This strand of Simone Lee's work at avenue practice draws on years of training, practice and experience in this down-to-earth and highly rewarding area of experiential and ordinary learning. Existentialism, existential phenomenological theory and practice and existential themes integrate with other approaches and many different interpersonal disciplines - the terminology belies a very simple mode of  addressing the world and our relationships.  Ideal as a CPD module for staff working with clients in a helping mode, this training can be customised to help focus you and your team on the very basics of human to human engagement.  Regrounding and recentering oneself requires asking some very basic questions - so simple that sometimes people find it hard to shake off some theoretical and received assumptions about what is going on when we meet another person.  A phenomenological approach does not debunk theory, rather it provides a reliable touchstone from which to validate what is going on.  Unveiling the tiers of assumptions we have about ourselves, one another and, in particular, the clients we work with can lead to deeply rewarding and enriched relationships.

Simone Lee is an experienced teacher and trainer in this area of therapeutic work and can tailor programmes to accommodate your needs. Simone Offers training online (on-line CPD being a very effective and growing area of development), at her home practice in Finchley, North London, at Central London locations and nationwide by arrangement.

for more information about this kind of work and a free telephone consultation
please contact Simone Lee on
  020 8445 6000   or email 

psychological assessment & referral service


about the psychological assessment and referral service

Simone Lee offers this service both in-house to agency services and to providers of psychological services, factoring in the variables which govern the commissioning agency or organisation, to arrive at an appropriate assessment.

Simone is very familiar with CORE assessment forms and is willing to use these  in addition to other effective lifestyle and risk assessment criteria. Alternatively, Simone uses other risk assessment formulations when these are required.

For many years, Simone conducted and trained in assessment procedures at a large mental health organisation and is cognisant of a broad range of possibilities of psychological interventions that are available which complement her keen sense of people's needs . In addition, practical and supportive ie non-psychological modes of intervention might also be recommended in the assessment report  when they are identified.

Complementary to the assessment service, Simone Lee is able to offer a referral service, communicating with appropriate parties to help inform (formal or informal) partners in the assessee's care plan and seeking to find the best available service to meet the assessee's current needs.

to discuss your psychological assessment and referral needs
please contact Simone Lee on
  020 8445 6000   or email 

counsellor & psychotherapist referral service

When Simone Lee is unable to meet your current needs, she is glad to have a network of accredited and qualified practitioners she can refer you to who might accommodate your specific requirements. There is currently no fee for this service.  Please do ask if this is a service you require. The practitioners are typically UKCP, BACP and/or BPS registered and are experienced in a range of therapeutic approaches and presenting issues. They are based in London and Nationwide.

Additionally, Simone maintains a current database of reputable organisations who offer psychotherapy and counselling which she refers to.

For those on low-incomes seeking low-cost counselling, Simone maintains a database of counsellors who might not yet be professionally registered but who have completed considerable training, who are willing to meet with you at a reduced fee.



to discuss this further please contact Simone Lee on  020 8445 6000   or email 

telephone & online work

Simone Lee is interested in growing this area of her practice in line with current technological trends. She is experienced in working online and on the telephone with supervisees and training therapists.  The appeal is broadening access to existential therapeutic services to those who might otherwise be unable to benefit.

to discuss this further please contact Simone Lee on  020 8445 6000   or email 

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