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Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy at Avenue Practice in Central & North London with Simone Lee, UKCP MBACP ECP, a registered, experienced existential and integrative psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and groupworker, who offers individual psychotherapy & counselling, couple counselling, marriage counselling, supervision and other consultancy services. Simone Lee is informed by humanistic & existential thinking, as has training in CBT & psychodynamic approaches. Her work is underpinned by existential phenomenological philosophy. We work with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship, sexuality and sexual problems, health problems and bereavement. simone lee ukcp ecp Mbacp
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what is your standard practice?

These details outline Simone Lee's standard working practice, which are always discussed and, if necessary, customised by mutual agreement at the commencement of our work. Please note, every person on the avenue practice referral network will have their own standard practice.

session  This is defined as a  meeting which has been agreed verbally or in writing, whether or not it is attended. The place and format of meeting, appointment time and length of session are mutually decided. A single therapy session usually takes place weekly or twice weekly and lasts for 50 minutes/an hour at the same time and place, but this may be negotiated according to need and circumstances. Couple work is often booked in double sessions. 

 initial session and planning how to go forward  Before we agree to work together, we shall have an introductory, extended session, which is chargeable. This is a time for you to ask questions and for us to get a sense of one another and how we would work. At this meeting we will look at scheduling future appointments.  You will not be pressurised to make any decisions at this meeting. If we do decide to work together, we then formalise our own working agreement and agree an initial working period.  At the end of the initial working period, we can then agree to book a further block of sessions or leave the work open-ended with continual reviews.

 location My usual practice is to meet with clients at my home address in Finchley or at the Inner Circle Therapy Centre (ICTC) at Regent’s College in Regent’s Park. It is possible to meet at other venues too, by arrangement.

Internation and distance work: I work using Skype and online chat and phone by arrangement.

 lateness & cancellation  If I am late for a session, I will make up the time so long as this is possible for you or reimburse you accordingly. If you are late, please expect the session to finish at the appointed time.  If I cancel a session, you will not be expected to pay for it and, if possible, I will offer you another.

Weekly sessions which you cancel with less than one week’s (ie 7 full days')notice carry the full fee, although whenever possible I will try to offer an alternative time that suits us both, (please note that this is often not possible).

Fortnightly sessions, appointed on a fixed time and day, which you  cancel without a full week's notice, carry the full fee, although whenever possible I will try to offer an alternative time that suits us both, (please note that this is often not possible).

 holidays & breaks I will try to give between good notice of forthcoming holidays and breaks and I hope you will give me as much notice as you can.

 confidentiality, good practice and safety What is shared in the session will be treated as confidential. It will not be discussed outside the sessions except in the context of professional supervision and professional training. Any such references will always be anonymous and you could not be identified through them.

In very few extreme circumstances, it might be necessary for me to pass on information. This would only be if there were a substantial possibility of serious harm to yourself or others or if I were legally impelled to impart information. If I had concerns in this area, I would talk to you as fully as possible before deciding to take any action. I aim to maintain the highest standards of good practice and safety. If you do have any concerns whatsoever in this regard, please do raise them with me. I am fully insured.

In the unlikely event that our work has to terminate because, for example, I am involved in a serious accident, and I am unable to inform you personally, I will have entrusted a UKCP registered and highly trusted colleague the task of contacting you and discussing the situation with you.  In this event my colleague will then have access to your contact details and the basic details of what our work is e.g. long-term therapy, consultancy and any information that is ethically necessary to impart.

 ending If we have been working together for any length of time, it is important to give as much notice as possible before you finish. After the initial review period, I request at least four sessions’ notice.  I expect two weeks’  paid notice of open-ended work when we have met for more than 10 sessions and, after 40 sessions, four weeks' paid notice is requested. I would encourage you always to attend our ending sessions so we can conclude our work. Even with flexible work where we have not met on at regular intervals, I do ask for you to come to an ending to honour our work and conclude satisfactorily.

fees The standard arrangement is that with private work fees are paid either in advance or at the end of each session by cheque or in cash; with organisations I will normally invoice and expect payment within 30 days. We can arrange for you to make payments direct into my account by arrangement. Please ask for receipts and invoices if you need them.

changed circumstances If we have been meeting and your personal circumstances change, making it difficult for you to continue with our meetings, I encourage you to discuss the situation with me.

non-payment of fees Where fees are not paid and reasonable attempts have been made to secure the outstanding fee and to make allowance for any mitigating circumstances,  it may be necessary to take the matter further and this might require the  disclosure of individual's or organisation's name and address and the general nature of the professional agreement.  I am glad to say that avenue practice has never claimed outstanding fees via any legal mechanism and  have every hope it will never be necessary, for the therapeutic encounter is about dialogue, communication and mutual respect.

Confidential enquiries, more  information or to book an initial meeting,  please contact: 020 8445 6000

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