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Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy at Avenue Practice in Central & North London with Simone Lee, UKCP MBACP ECP, a registered, experienced existential and integrative psychotherapist, counsellor, supervisor and groupworker, who offers individual psychotherapy & counselling, couple counselling, marriage counselling, supervision and other consultancy services. Simone Lee is informed by humanistic & existential thinking, as has training in CBT & psychodynamic approaches. Her work is underpinned by existential phenomenological philosophy. We work with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship, sexuality and sexual problems, health problems and bereavement. simone lee ukcp ecp Mbacp
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more about group therapy & group work

work offered through avenue practice
We tailor services according to your needs which include one or some of the following elements: 

  • consultancy

  • group work

  • group therapy

  • group theory  training

  • team building programmes

  • planning and setting up groups

  • assessment and recruitment of group members

  • supervision of group facilitation

  • quality assurance methodologies

  • statistical data collection mechanisms for monitoring outcomes & fundraising

  • we will also run groups for you.

The timescale and location of the group therapy or group work is flexible.

We understand the needs for quality standards and accountability and use outcome measurement and other evaluation tools to suit.

open access groups
We are currently not running any open access groups, our group work being offered to organisations, corporations and services and suchlike. If you are wanting to establish a new group and have a potential source of group members and would like support,  please get in touch to discuss this further.

the difference between group therapy and group work
As the vast body of group theory proves, there are different ways that group therapy can be run, but the common goal of all these is  to help provide some therapeutic benefit for group members. This is normally achieved by people in the group bringing issues for discussion among the group members, and also for individuals in the group to discuss issues and difficulties that arise from within the group itself.  The facilitator will reflect on how the participants interact and encourage everyone to reflect on the interplay among each other. The facilitator will also encourage and support group members to engage fully in the process.

Group work describes a whole host of different activities which involve a structured group participation. Examples of these are support groups, depression groups, anxiety groups, ante-natal groups, confidence-building groups and so on. The facilitator will usually encourage the group to acknowledge and support one another, and, if there is a specific task to be fulfilled, might be quite directive. Although not specifically designated as therapy, one of the outcomes of group work will be that the members gain some therapeutic benefit, through an enhanced understanding of themselves and other group members.  

what is your training and experience?  
Simone Lee is an experienced group facilitator.

For many years, I have been involved in, set up projects and runn groups for psychiatric outpatients at Mind, the mental health charity, in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings.  These groups have been both mixed male and female and single sex. Some have been open admission, others closed groups.   While some have been support groups, others have had a task focus such as confidence building, creative writing and assisting group members to get back to work.

I have set up, co-ordinated and run groups in many different settings and have supervised  the group work of other practitioners.   I lecture on group theory as part of my teaching commitments. As a member of visiting faculty at Emmy van Deurzen's school, NSPC,  and at Regentís College, School of Psychotherapy and Counselling, I work with training groups and lecture on group theory and facilitate development groups from Foundation to Post-Professional level.

what knowledge base informs the work?
I have completed two groupwork trainings covering theory ranging from humanistic, psychodynamic, CBT and existential. Some of the theoreticians who inform my work have been Bion, Foulkes, Perls, Yalom, Rogers and Gendlin.

Being very interested in existential thinking,  I like to focus on  the relational aspects of how we are in the world with others. Heidegger and Sartre have been greatly inspirational in their observations and ideas about relationship.

All practitioners at avenue practice abide by the UKCP, BACP, BPS or other established code of ethics and good practice.

for an initial free consultation
Please contact Simone Lee
Telephone: 020 8349 9889


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